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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blue Dots Sleeveless Top

This is top #3 for Spring Top Week 2010. Another de-stash project, I used satin fabric I had purchased at JoAnns 2 years ago and Simplicity 2594 view A as a pattern. I really like the neckline variations this pattern provides. With the satin, I chose the drapey neck option. Other possibilities are for V-neck, round-neck and round-neck with a split and two length options. I'm glad I used the longer length and would not make it shorter.  This was my first time sewing satin and it was not easy.  Not really hard, but not at all like sewing knits or wovens like I'm used to.  We'll call this a growing experience...

I'm a little disappointed with this one. I had really high hopes that this would be my go-to spring top. Unfortunately, I don't like where the sleeve lands. I think it accentuates my flabby arms. My hubby likes this one, though, so I'll wear it some :) And, I'm working on toning up my flab before it gets hot! Up next is a knit top.  It's cut and ready to stitch up, so keep watching :)

 The kids and I are having fun with this hat we bought at a charity sale last weekend.  I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it out of the house, though! 


melissa said...

I love the top. I think it's very flattering! Don't ya love when our hubby gives us that boost of confidence :)

Becky said...

Your new top IS flattering. I was gonna comment that you have some muscle there woman!

Wear the hat! It looks fab!

emadethis said...

Arms schmarms--they look great, and the top+hat is a nice combo.