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Friday, February 28, 2014

West Texas Chili Monster Angie Dress & Apron

The Scientific Seamstress
I love to read and sew SisBoom patterns, so there was no question that I would be joining the I Love to Read Sewing Challenge.  It took some thought to figure out what pattern and book though....

My youngest daughter, Mallory, picks the book The West Texas Chili Monster by Judy Cox every time she finds it at the library.  It was an instant favorite at age 3 and still is at age 6.  The story begins with a widow named Mama, an infamous hot chili maker, working at the stove wearing a dress, apron, hat and scarf.  Mama and her 6 children enter the West Texas Fair chili contest and the adventure ends with them meeting a friendly monster from space who helps them.   

My inspiration for this challenge is Mama.  I have been waiting to sew an Angie Dress (great name, BTW!) and used the pattern to make a Mama outfit.  Perfectly fitting,  as I am Angie and my sewing name is Mama Lusco!  In addition to my Angie dress, I crafted an Angie apron and will post a tutorial, so check back soon. 

Since this is my first Angie, I would typically sew a muslin.  This version is a wearable muslin, using navy linen and space fabric from my stash.  The fit is not quite perfect, as I will change the dart placement a bit next time, but a very wearable muslin!  The lining fabric represents the Space Monster from this book and I used this tutorial from Jeanine for SS to fully line my bodice.  I was hesitant to fit my bodice more closely because it has no zips - you wiggle in & out of this one!  I chose my size by the measurement chart and the fit is quite good without modification. 

I love wearing aprons and always tie one on while in the house or gardening.  Our Mama only wore a 1/2 apron, but I'm messy and prefer a full apron. I decided to use a modified Angie front bodice and skirt front to craft this apron.  This time, the space fabric is the feature and the lining & pockets are blue linen.  It's a little bit sassy with the fitted bodice and fun straps, but fully functional and an apron I will wear often.  This apron will make a great bridal shower & birthday gift, so watch for an Angie apron tutorial soon! 

Thanks for the fun challenge and check out the other entries hereSisBoom is also having a special 50% off sale through Sat 3/1 at 2pm.  Details here.  Also linking up at Pattern Revolution's Build a Better Wardrobe.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Self Care Sewing Pledge

I love what Pattern Revolution is doing to end "Selfish Sewing."  Reading this blog post was an "Ah-Ha" moment for me.  So much of what we do as wives and mothers is for others.  There is no reason to call doing a little sewing myself "selfish."  I plan to take the pledge to end Selfish Sewing, instead choosing Self Care Sewing, guilt-free.  Take the pledge!