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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Decorating My Home

Mallory's skin problem and infections are finally improving so I've been able to get some sewing done this week.

One of my major projects is to make the curtains for my new home.  I was planning to just wing it to make panels and valances, but came across the Sew 4 Home tutorial for lined tab-top panels last week and followed their instructions to make my living room curtains.  My large wooden rods are screwed into place, so I needed to make functioning buttonholes to be able to hang & wash my drapes.  I learned to use my one-step button hole feature and sew on buttons using my machine.  All this time I've been doing it by hand!  Rather than use two different fabrics, I just added fringe trim where their two fabrics meet. I had never thought to use header tape to help prevent sagging between the tabs...Since I'm 3 hours from a fabric store, I improvised and used some heavy interfacing. Worked like a charm!

The living room now feels warmer and I'm really happy with them.  One down, 6 rooms to go!

Here's a bad before picture:
And the after pics:

I also made these great tie-backs, but am contemplating what to use for the wall-anchors for the ties.  I'm thinking maybe something vintage, like the things on a boat that you wrap the rope around...


Anonymous said...

You did a great job. The curtains look really good. Love, Mom K.

HonestNiceWoman said...

Great job! I found your link on the tutorial page at Sew 4 Home. I can hardly wait to get started on many different projects on that site! I look forward to looking through your site as well!