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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Sewing

I've been enjoying summer vacation with my kids & husband and visiting nieces & nephews.  Our niece, Becca, asked me to sew a baby gift for her friend.  We decided to make a little Sienna dress from Lil Blue Boo patterns and thrifted knits.  It turned out so sweet!

I have sewed 6 monsters using this tutorial from RevoluzZza blog and let the little girls choose their own fabrics.  I didn't take a picture of them, but used yo-yos with a button center for the monster eyes.  They are a fun, quick project you can do with kids.  Becca (13) hand-sewed her eyes, mouth, and patches on.
Photo from RevoluzZza
My current project is a jacket for my youngest girl.  She is growing so fast and needs a new one so I purchased the Stylish Kids Coat and Unisex Pea Coat by DMK patterns.  I am impressed with the patterns and excited to share the finished project with you soon.  I'm working on the Stylish Kids Coat using thrifted baby cord and cotton lining.  DMK is having a 2 for $10 sale, so check them out for stylish, simple kids clothing patterns.  She is also hosting a Best Pattern Makers Contest on her blog through August 21st, so send in pictures of your creations using DMK patterns to win free patterns. 14 winners!

1 comment:

Jill Williamson said...

That monster is adorable, and so is that dress!