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Thursday, August 26, 2010

T-Shirt Refashions

This was Andy's first week back to school and football doubles week, so things have been hectic around here!  It's also fair week and our kids are in two fair parades.  The Kids' Parade is tomorrow and our church is getting a group together to walk in the parade.  I rounded up t-shirts from our community work day last spring and used the Lil Blue Boo Hoodie pattern to refashion the adult t's into kid sizes.

While I had my ball-point needles in the serger & machine, I also refashioned some of Andy's football shirts into shirts for the girls and I.  For mine, I used another t-shirt as a pattern for tracing.  Remember my first tutorial?  It was a Too-Big to Ladies-Fit T-shirt refashion; check it out if you need inspiration.  For Mally's, I used LBB's Sienna Dress pattern - another favorite.  They turned out great!

Another project I'm working on is shorts for Drew.  He gets left out of my sewing and is in need of new shorts after gaining 10 lbs this summer!  I'm using Simplicity 4760  only cheated and made a faux fly instead of a zipper.  The test pair fit well so I need to make some in denim now.  I referenced from my Sewing Clothes Kids Love book for the how-to and had bookmarked this tutorial also.  I still haven't sewn a zippered fly and was too frazzled to try it now.  The faux fly was a great alternative.

Abby, Drew and I all entered the County Fair this year.  I had several clothing creations, a family garden vegetable collection and some canned goods.  Abby made bar cookies and drew a family portrait.  Drew chose to enter a Lego creation.  We're headed to the fair after the parade tomorrow and are anxious to see if we won ribbons :)


Cole's Corner said...

I love those football shirts! How cute.

I hope you win some ribbons at the fair!

Jill Williamson said...

You and your T-shirt re-designs amaze me. You guys will look so sharp at the football games!

LB3K said...

Cute little tee refashions! I LOVE raglan sleeve style! Thanks for linking!


britt said...

i love those shirts. they are sooooo eye catching!