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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet the New Girls

This summer, I picked up this little beauty at a yard sale for only $15!  I instantly admired the gold decals and ornate silver-tone plates of this old Singer portable machine.  The motor has been removed but it still functions with its hand wheel and came complete with its original case. 

The Singer website is a wonderful source for dating your Singer machines and finding free downloadable manuals.  I found that this is a Singer model 127, manufactured in 1917 in Elizabeth, NJ.  It was a very common model, 1 of 25,000, and cost $100 new.  That is over $2000 adjusted to todays dollar!  I love the Sphynx-style gold decals, one of the most common on the model 127.  It was advertised as a "modernized" sewing machine since it came with an electric motor and featured a "vibrating shuttle" bobbin system.  That one cracks me up! 

I haven't decided yet if I'll replace the motor, buy a hand crank attachment or just leave it as is.  It's just so pretty!

The second little lady I picked up at my neighbor's yard sale a few weeks ago.  I saw it, went home telling myself I don't need it, then went back later that week to see if she still had it :-)  Once you see her I think you'll understand...

She's turquoise!!!  It is a 1960's model 1315 Straight Stitch Machine.  This one was a challenge to find info about.  I ended up calling Husquavarna/White Corp. to find a downloadable manual (back at the Singer site.)  This one also has all metal gears and is a workhorse despite only having a single straight stitch.  I actually wanted it for its small table to use as an end table in my front room.  Now that she's on display I'm having trouble putting it back inside the table.  It's turquoise!

These ladies join Jan, my cheap Janome, Brother, the 1034d serger, and Fritz, the Singer Quantum XL that needs a major service on its computer (but has all the great attachments).  I think I have a weakness for sewing machines?!  Keep your eyes open at yard sales and thrift stores...you never know what you may come home with :-)



Cole's Corner said...

WOW! Those are cool!

Jill Williamson said...

A very nice collection that spans many different eras! I love the turquoise one, but that black and gold one is gorgeous. What a great find!

Onjoli said...

I found your blog looking for info on the Turq. White 1315. Do you happen to still have the link to the manual?


Anonymous said...

Onjoli I have this exact sewing machine and I believe I have the original owners manual for it. I will look for it to copy if you still need it. :)
I would actually like to sell my machine but I have no idea what its worth and what to price it as