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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who's The Man?

I am! I've been quite a handy-woman this week. We are in our 4th home and I had never helped paint outside before this week, thanks to my very handy husband. We've been working slowly at finishing a new utility/sewing room. The exterior was ready to finish, so that's been my secret project this week. I've caulked, primed and finished painting outside! It's been fun to watch my family's reaction as they come home and notice what's been done while they've been at school & work. This weekend, we hope to finish the tape & texture and get the cabinets and closet in.

I've also been busy with my garden. So far, I've canned green beans, carrots, pickled beets & dill pickles and frozen corn and peas. Everything is late this year, so I'll have more canning to come.

I'm hoping to squeeze in more sewing soon.  Mally needs another jacket and pants. She's growing up so fast!


Jill Williamson said...

You ARE the man. The house looks awesome!

Katie said...

Pretty amazing! You've been busy. I wish I had some fresh jam!