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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Round Neck Tops

 Anyone else out there loving the round neck tops for girls?  I have been wanting That Darn Kat's Round Neck Top for many months, but am sticking to my budget and won't spend $10 on a single pattern. 
 Photo from That Darn Kat
As a compromise, I had my mother pick up this little Easy Stitch & Save pattern # M6007.  I was disappointed to see that it has a zippered back, so improvised and omitted the zipper, adding a button closure to the back instead.  I was able to use this great vintage button I had won in a giveaway last year (Thank you Lora @ Eager Hands!)    I used view B, adding a band for the bottom length for extra cuteness.  I am getting more comfortable sewing collars with facings and this sewed up in about an hour.  I'll sew this one many times!  Mally was ready for bed when I finished this one but she wanted to model :) 

Recently the Snappy Toddler Top Tutorial from Prudent Baby was released that is very similar.  I like the snaps at the shoulder (same as That Darn Cat's pattern) and will try modifying my pattern like this next time. Her pattern is for 12-18 months, but can be enlarged to fit larger sizes. (I would recommend adding interfacing to one of your neck front & back pieces for extra stability for your buttons or snaps.)
Photo from Prudent Baby
I also own the Revolutions Frock from Little Print Designs/ Sweet Shop/ Indie Tutes.  This one is only $4!  I'm looking forward to making this one, but it requires 3-4 yards of fabric so I need to go shopping first.
Maybe you are sewing round necks for summer, too? 

1 comment:

PinkPetunias said...

i made the darn kat one and it was a breeze to sew but the size was pretty small. i will make the next size up the next time and i will be sure to put the buttons on the correct side next time. :)