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Friday, May 28, 2010

Whimsy Knotty Outfits

I've been hard at work on the girls' summer wardrobes.  This week I finished 2 outfits for Mally and one top for Abby, all using patterns from Whimsy Couture.  I own most of WC's patterns and like their simplicity and style.  For the pink argyle outfit I modified the Knot Dress, using only 1/2 the width and shortened the length to make a less full top. For the bottoms I used her bloomers pattern, adding a side band and lower band of fabric and capri length.  She loves them!

I finally used these coordinating red fabrics from J. Paganelli that I've been saving for something special...For Mally I used WC's Knot Overalls pattern, lengthening the bodice by 1" and adding a bottom ruffle in shortall length.

The remainder of the red fabric made a knot top like the pink one above only this time I lengthened the bodice by 2".  Matchy-matchy sisters are so cute!

I've also sewn 4 pairs of bermuda shorts for my girls and one pair for a student of Andy's.  This pattern for Bermudas & Gauchos was from You Can Make This.com- a favorite online store of mine- and ranges in size 4-14 so I'll be sewing it for years to come.  I added the cargo pockets to the shorts - my girls like to stash things :)

The pink argyle shorts were for an 8th grade girl who likes Mally's handmade clothes.  As a joke, Andy asked her if she would wear something I made...she said "Anything!" so he promised a pair of funny pants for her to wear the last day of school.  I think they're pretty cute, but not sure how a 14 year-old would feel :)

Drew is feeling left out, so I plan to make him a few pairs of shorts too.  I'm also planning to make some upcycled tank tops & dresses using Lil Blue Boo patterns.  I've had fun using the Sienna and Hoodie patterns and highly recommend them!  Any favorite summer patterns you'd like to share?

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Melissa Stramel said...

Thanks for linking to the contest! Your outfits are adorable.

Aunt Spicy said...

Adorable! I especially love the Jennifer Paganelli fabrics!

Jerri said...

These are adorable! I love the argyle!

Sachiko said...

It turned out very cute! Thank you for linking to my party.