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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Minute Gift For Her

We're ready to leave tomorrow for Part I of Christmas Vacation - my family.  I've been frantically sewing this week after being gone last week on a hunting trip then having the flu, leaving only 4 days to get my gift sewing done.  I needed a quick, last-minute gift for girlfriends and remembered all the great shirred, scrunchy knit scarves I've been seeing in Blog-Land...
Flannel Scarf Only $5 at Peace and Mind - Etsy shop!

Photo by Brassy Apple
Photo from Hope Studios Blog
The first tutorial I found was for the pink scarf above by Hope Studios.  This was a very fast project - 15 minutes total per scarf.  The tutorial by Hope Studios is found here.  I made a few changes after the first scarf.  I preferred a width of 8" for 2 rows of shirring and 10" wide with 3 rows of shirring.  My knits were 60" wide in various lengths, so I pieced them together to lengths of about 90" x 8-10" wide.  I chose not to make the cuts at the ends of my scarves as in the tutorial.  Wind plenty of bobbins with your elastic thread - I used 1 bobbin per scarf.  They turned out great and I plan to make some for myself once the frantic gift sewing is over. 

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