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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pre-Loved Christmas Dolls

I am so excited about my girls' Christmas presents this year!  It's no secret that we're having a super thrifty Christmas this year.  Living on a single income with a double mortgage and unreliable renters has been a huge challenge financially, so almost everything this year is thrifted or handmade from our stash.

I totally scored at the big Thrift Shop Christmas Sale 2 weeks ago!  I found this original American Girl doll with a trunk of clothes for $10!!  Yes, that is TEN dollars!  She still needs her hair washed & trimmed, but is otherwise in beautiful condition.  I found the funky blond Tolly Tots doll on eBay for a total of $12 shipped.  I thought this was a good deal until I found the AG Kaya!

As I posted earlier, I've found a few free patterns and drew up my own peasant top & bloomers, purses and head scarf.  I just need to make a few fancy dresses and the doll sewing will be finished.  I was blessed to receive a free pattern from Amanda at www.hintofhistory.com  for her new Hooverette 1930's doll wrap dress.  I made the reversible version and it is precious!  She has many wonderful vintage-inspired patterns on her site for dolls, girls and women, too. 

Whimsy Couture

Another project I've been making are feed bag totes from our chicken feed.  They will be great shopping bags and I plan to use them to package other gifts. How is your Christmas sewing coming along?


Cole's Corner said...

WOW! What a steal on the AG doll. Awesome! Awesome!
I love all the clothes you are making, too. I haven't even started mine.... :/ eee gads.

camelama said...

I love your chicken feed bag totes! Wish I could buy one from you - they would be perfect for a friend of mine. :)