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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sew Serendipity Book Review

Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studio is a fun, useful book that I'm glad to have in my sewing library.  Unlike my other library titles, this one is just for women.  From the publisher:

Lay it out, cut it out, sew it up, put it on! Sew Serendipity features:
• Hard-back concealed spiral binding: 160 pages
• Full-size tissue pattern inserts included for the skirt, tunic/dress, and jacket-each with 6 variations detailed in the book. 3 basic patterns x 6 variations = 18 ways to show off your skills and style!
• Master instructions are provided for each basic garment, and individual instruction for each unique look. Once you master the basics, changing it up is a snap!
• Each clothing pattern is graded in seven sizes (bust: 32-44; waist: 24-36; hips: 34-46) from XXS-XXL. Use the “Custom Fitting” section of the book to learn how to measure yourself and adjust the patterns to get the best possible fit!
• “Tools of the Trade” and “Sewing Techniques” sections give you an overview of the tools and skills you’ll need to make the clothes in this book.
• Embellish your designs to match your style, whether you’re feeling the need for classic, tailored elegance or you’re in the mood for a little ruffled whimsy. The simple techniques included will make it a breeze to adapt your design to any look you want.
With Sew Serendipity, you’ll find out how to lay out the pattern pieces, cut them out, and sew them up. All you have to do is put them on and strut your stuff! 

The first project in the book is this 6-panel A-line skirt. Simple and flattering, I'll be making one of these soon!

Second comes the peasant-style tunic/dress.  Kay includes instructions how to alter the pattern to fit your shape and offers a cute belt option.

Last but not least is the jacket.  I love the many looks she provides from this pattern.  I haven't sewn a jacket for myself yet, but see one in my future.  The Parisian style on the left below is my favorite.

Kay provides helpful tips & tools of the trade in the introduction as well as instructions for making muslins to perfect the fit.  I found a smoking deal on Ebay and wanted to share it with you...Buy Sew Serendipity for only $14 shipped here.  This is the seller I bought mine from and it arrived quickly in perfect condition!

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J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Thanks great review. I have been thinking about getting this book.