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Sunday, March 27, 2011

LA Spring Break 2011 & Fashion District

We're back!  After a whirlwind month of March, it sure feels good to be home again!  The last 10 days we've been on Spring Break and for us, that meant a mission trip with the church youth group to Southern California.  We drove 18 hours straight to Burbank, CA on the 18th and stayed in a church there.  We were able to serve at  a homeless shelter, rescue mission and retirement home for retired missionaries 3 of the days then had a fun day at Disneyland.  Other fun adventures included Hollywood (in a torrential downpour!), Venice Beach, Glendale Galleria mall and best of all.....the LA Fashion District!!!

My friend, Jill Williamson, and I took the 3 little girls to the Fashion District to check out the deals I've seen blogged about.  It did not disappoint!  I'm talking $1.99/yd fabrics in small shops, Michael Levine's amazing selection in fabric store style and the incredible Michael Levine Loft where fabric is sold for $2.50 a pound!

I felt feral digging through bins in search of fabrics here.  In addition, they have rolls of fabric and notions along the walls.  If we didn't have the little girls along, I could have spent a whole day here.  In the end, I purchased 49 lbs at the Loft plus some notions and a bag of designer scraps for $2!!! The challenge was carrying it 2 blocks back to the parking garage...I was sore for a few days after that one :)

I've finished our 8 loads of family laundry and am starting to wash the fabrics now.  It's an amazing amount of fabric...it just makes me smile :)  If you have a chance to visit the Los Angeles area, make time to visit the Fashion District.  Bargains galore!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

please show us some of your great fabric finds. I live in So. Ca., have never been to the fabric district. I think I'm scared I'll go crazy :) What a fullfilling vacation! Bless you and your family. VintageLisa