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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Mama's Been Sewing

Miss Z's BD custom order
Dan.A's Cowl Neck Vest
What a whirl-wind month it has been!  Last weekend we traveled 300 miles to see my family, then did some frantic sewing on my days off to finish niece Kayla's wedding duvet cover before leaving Fri morning for another 300mi trip for the big wedding.  Our patient census is up, so I'm working more often than I expected.  It's really cramping my sewing style!  I still have pictures to upload and a quick tutorial to finish, but here's a quick peek at what I've been sewing...

Mama Stellato's 'Amelia' tunic
Kayla's apron
Willi & Kayla'a duvet cover
ManiMina's Hoodie dress testing
Testing 'Playdate' dress by Fun4me2

1 comment:

Kathya said...

ManiMina's Hoodie dress. how did you like it?
is it too small around the upper chest?
that is what i heard of those patterns but i still bought this one. i have not tried it yet.