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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids Clothing Upcycling Ideas

Wow!  I just read through Disney's ideas -from Ruffles & Stuff- for upcycling your kiddos tops and bottoms into new clothing.  She has some beautiful examples and some techniques I had never thought to try.  Amazing stuff!

Here's a link to the post about making tops wearable longer...
Photo from Ruffles & Stuff
And a link to the post about upcycling bottoms... 
Photos from Ruffles & Stuff

My favorite way to reuse outgrown clothing is making new dresses, hoodies and pants from their old knits.  Ashley at Lil Blue Boo has some great, easy-to-follow patterns showing how to recycle your old t-shirts into great new clothing.  After reading Disney's ideas I'm kicking myself for sending those 4 boxes of outgrown clothes to the thrift shop!

Today I also found this great idea from This Mama Makes Stuff to turn men's slacks into boy trousers.  Perfect for Drew!

I'd love to hear how you upcycle clothing to make it wearable longer.  Pictures, links, and descriptions would be appreciated!


The British Homemaker said...

I have just found your blog as I was looking for some simple patterns for babies clothes for my first grandchild (never made clothes before!) and oh boy, i am loving your blog and all the inspiration here!! :)


Mrs T said...

Hi I can see that you posted this a while ago, but I think upcycling is always fashionable so I wanted to share with you a link to my blog where you can see an
upcycled Cindarella dress (made from curtains and a tablecloth)
and an upcycled child's party dress
(made from my own bridesmaid's dress).
See upcycled dresses here

LIFE Upcycled said...

I LoVe Upcycling my kids stuff! I use my kids tops that they have outgrown. Sometimes it's just a length thing, and I can add a bottom to make it into a dress. The girl's love them...who doesn't like a nice comfy sundress to twirl around in??? :)
the link is from FB...I have a blog but it is under construction at the moment.

ASHLEIGH said...

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designer kids clothes said...

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Nicola said...

It's great to see so many eco-friendly ideas for revamping, up dating and reusing garments !

It's a must in the 21st century.