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Monday, October 25, 2010

FREE Wall or Desk Photo Calendar

Thank you, Today's Giveaway, for sharing about Vista Print's new promotion for a free personalized photo calendar. Buyer only pays for the shipping ~ my shipping quote was less than $6, so this is much cheaper than other photo calendars I have ordered before.  These make great Christmas gifts!  Your first calendar is free and the second starts at $15.00.  I'm headed to Vista Print to make mine...
Photo from Vista Print

1 comment:

Little Lizard King said...

I love Vista Print. We started ordering post cards as photo cards in sets of 100 right after our wedding. It started with photo thank you cards, and we've ordered photo christmas cards ever year since. Five bucks to upload the photo, and about six bucks for shipping. Not bad for 100 post cards. And, we set them up as actual post cards, so no envelopes are necessary, and shipping is cheaper.

Happy Vista Printing!