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Friday, October 1, 2010

Simply Spray Fabric Paint Review & Tutorials

I was thrilled to receive a sample package of Simply Spray Fabric Paints to review.  For this tutorial, I'm using the Simply Spray Party Kit and one can of Paint It Black spray paint.  (See post below for my review of the Spray Blood paint.)  Simply Spray claims they are "The ONLY non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric paints!'
The Simply Spray Party Kit makes over 24 shirts!

Great for party favors!
Just twist, scrunch or fold your shirt and Simply Spray!

The Party Kit contains:
1 can Poppy Red
1 can Blue Jay
1 can Brite Orange
1 can Brite Yellow
1 can Spring Green
1 can Deep Purple

They recommend protecting your work surfaces.  We used Simply Spray outdoors on the grass or hanging from the clothes line.  I was impressed that there was NO odor and the paints washed off of our skin easily with soap and water. 

For my review, a friend and our 3 daughters tie-dyed 5 shirts, 4 pairs of socks and a pillow case.  For starters, I found an older, dingy white t-shirt and hung it on a hanger outdoors.  Using the Spring Green spray paint, I sprayed a light coat over the entire shirt, front & back.  The results gave a nice, soft varigated green finish.  She loves it!
For the pillowcase, I found a vintage case and a plastic flower stencil from my stash.  Place cardboard or plastic inside the pillowcase to prevent bleeding from front/back.  I simply laid the stencil on the fabric and sprayed Simply Spray around the stencil. 
As you can see, I had bleeding through the stencil so my flowers look more like blobs.  I would recommend using iron-on stencils, such as vinyl or freezer-paper, to get crisp results.  I possibly sprayed the paint too heavily, so multiple light layers of paint would likely work better than one heavy layer.  Let fabric dry before turning and painting the back side.  This took about 1 hour of drying time. 
We also painted tank tops and socks.  This was fun!  One tank was painted using the stencil method above, then free-hand by my daughter.  Start spraying to the side of the fabric, then move the paint onto your shirt to prevent splattering.  Yes, that's a heart on her rear :-)
The other tanks and socks were tie-tied.  We randomly wrapped rubber bands around each sock.  For the shirt, I gathered a small amount of fabric then wrapped it with a rubber band and repeated this about 6 times in various places. (I forgot to take a picture of the shirt with bands.)
Randomly spray with Simply Spray paints, turn and repeat.  We sprayed heavily, so the drying time on our fabrics was about 12 hours.  The socks on Abby above were finished after the first application. 

To add extra depth, I re-banded another pair of socks and the tank, hung it on the clothes line, then sprayed with the Paint It Black.

Love these results!  I have done traditional tie-dye and admit this is so much cleaner and easier than mixing dyes and soaking fabrics. 

I highly recommend Simply Spray fabric paints.  We painted heavily for bold, vivid colors and ended with about 10 painted items, not 24 as the box states.  The finish is soft and comfortable to wear.  Simply Spray is non-toxic so I feel safe letting my kids paint with it and wear it.  You can find retailers that sell Simply Spray HERE.  Their website also offers and inspirational design gallery , how-to videos, and project sheets.  I had emailed a question and received a helpful reply within 12 hours. 

I love this Camo Tie-dyed shirt from their Project Sheets,
Team Spirit project sheet,
and Sofa Update video.

Simply Spray is made in the USA and safe for the environment.  Check them out for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had alot of fun doing this. I love the socks idea!