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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mama's Snakeskin Sling Bag

Lemon Squeezy Home is hosting Purse Week.  I had intended to make two bags but have only finished one...The Snakeskin Sling Bag.

This is an original Mama Lusco Handmade design, a big sling bag that measures 16"w x 18"h x 5"d - lots of room for my planner, wallet, books, sippy cup and snacks!  I also included  a zippered pocket, phone pocket, key ring, magnetic snap and decorative flap closure.  I tried to write down my measurements as I cut so I can reproduce this pattern again.   

The outer fabric was a remnant from my talented friend, Jill Williamson,'s collection from her fashion design days.  Red is my favorite color and I just couldn't resist this flashy red spandex.  I tried iron-on interfacing but it ruined the shiny treatment, so I chose a beefy lining - stretch black denim with fusible fleece interfacing.  The bag has great shape and I'm thrilled with the results. 

Check out the other beautiful, inspirational bags in the Purse Week Flickr pool.  Entries accepted through Oct 8.


Dewi Citra said...

Very pretty, Mama Lusco
The red snakeskin is so sexy, damn pretty :D

Jill Williamson said...

Whoo! I love it. We would have sold tons to Nordstrom back then. :-)

The Sewing Dork said...

Wow, that looks so professional!