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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sewing/Utility Room Preview

I haven't had much extra time for sewing the last few months, but the garden is finally done and I've made good progress on the new sewing/utility room.  When we started the addition I was picturing a  big utility or "Mud Room" like we had in our farm house but the hubby had other ideas.  It ended up being more of a "Domestic Heaven" with a second range top for canning, full set of free kitchen cabinets, big pantry, overhead storage around the whole room and a sewing station. 

I've been busy painting the room & cabinets, cleaning & lining the shelves and drawers and moving my canned foods to the pantry shelves. 

Last week I made and hung curtains and plan to hang panels over the pantry and valances along the ceiling storage shelves.  

We had some unexpected dental bills and auto repairs so our budget for the Mud Room has been spent.  Thankfully, we had found the range top and light fixtures at the Habitat ReStore for $25 total and the cabinets were free from a local home remodel.  It's just been paint and sweat recently!  I even repainted the handles with epoxy paint instead of spending $100+ on new hardware.  Someday I'll get new but for now, these work.

I still need to clean and epoxy paint the floors and counter top and hang the rest of the curtains.  Andy needs to install my big utility sink and move the freezer along this blank wall and finish wiring the stove plug.  The end is in sight!


The Oxford Family said...

Oh I am so jealous!

kasthurirajam said...

AS The Oxford Family said I am so jealous