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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pioneer Prairie Girls

Oh, why did I procrastinate?  I had Mom buy these patterns over 2 months ago, had all the fabric in my linen stash and didn't start until 3 days ago.  Two dresses, two aprons and two bonnets later, I'm almost done.  One of the bonnets is WAY too big, so I need to make one more tomorrow.  The girls are happy with them and so am I, so I guess the frantic sewing is worth it.

Abby's was a simple, full peasant dress.  It has eyelet trim around the bottom ruffle hem.  This dress was a piece of cake as was the apron from a vintage pillowcase.  The bonnet was a bit more time-consuming.  This was the too-big bonnet.  It even fits Andy!
Mally's dress is probably the most difficult garment I've sewn.  I usually sew quick, easy 2 hour projects but this one had eyelet trim, buttonholes and pin-tucks around the skirt.  She also has a matching vintage linen apron and pantaloons from another pillowcase.  This pillowcase had the great ruffled edge, so the hard part was done for me!  They turned out a little long, so I added two pin-tucks to shorten them.  Cute stuff!  If you don't already own one, I highly recommend an easy pant pattern like this one from Whimsy Couture, Little Lizard King, or Carla C.  It's such a versatile pattern!




Rosies said...

They turned out darling! nice work!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Wow! Great job. I would never have the patience to tackle complicated patterns like this.

Anonymous said...

These are sooo cute Angie!

Amy T.