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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Bedroom Clothing

June 13th was my 11th wedding anniversary - and Andy was out of town at football camp.  I wanted to surprise him when he got back by making a cute nightie for me and boxers for him.  Mission accomplished!
Fall 1998 - Engagement

I've had Colette Pattern's Mini-Bloomers tutorial on my 'Projects To Try' list for a few months and this was the perfect time to try them.  Her instructions were very good and the sizing was perfect.  These little bloomers do sit very low in the front so next time I'll rise the front about 2 inches. 

Part 2 of my little number was the Summer Nightie from One Yard Wonders by Rae of Made by Rae blog.  I was trying to make this one on day 4 of being a single mom and my attention span was very short.  I mistakenly sewed the bodice pieces on sideways which left a big gap between the breasts.  To fix this, I added bust darts and sewed the bottom 2 inches of the bodice pieces together.  It's not pretty sewing, but it fixed the problem.  I tried to camoflage the stitching with some buttons and it turned out as a great nightie. Next time, this top will sew together in about an hour - I'll be making more!

For Andy, I wanted to try making a pair of boxer briefs out of his old t-shirts.  I outlined pattern pieces from a pair of his shorts, added a scant seam allowance and sewed them up.  They turned out a little small in the backside, so I'll add some length to the back piece next time and add bigger seam allowances.  For fun, I added some monkey appliques to the front.  

Note:  We are not racist!  Andy's school mascot was the Rebels and Rebel Pride was their school spirit campaign.  Don't want to offend anyone :)

Does anyone know how to rotate photos in Blogger?  I have them rotated before uploading, but sometimes they rotate back.  Any insight is appreciated!

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Baby.Got.Craft said...

That is seriously impressive! I am awardign you with the Beautiful Blogger Award over on my blog today. Please stop by to "accept" it!

Jill Williamson said...

HA! Those boxers are so funny. You are the cleverest seamstress I have ever known. And I loved seeingyour engagement picture. Awww!