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Friday, June 4, 2010

Mending Week Part III: Side Panel Shorts Tutorial

Mally has a new pair of favorite shorts - the Side Panel Upcycled Jeans-to-Shorts.  I started with a pair of too-small jeans and cut them to shorts length.  Also trim off the thick seams along the outer edge.

Next, cut 4 side panels about 3" wide by the length of your shorts.  Place these right-sides together, finish the top (narrow) edge, then turn right-sides out.

Sew panel to front side of jeans.  Serge or overcast seams.

If you are sewing a small size, finish the bottom hem now.  I just serged mine but you could add bias trim, a rolled hem or just straight stitch and let it fray a little.

Turn pants wrong-side out and pin panel to back side; sew then serge or overcast.  You are finished!

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Alisa said...

This is a neat idea too! Does it feel 'wierd' for her to have the thicker denim paired with a regular cotton?

Katherine said...

Cute! I wonder if my daughter would go for this?